Grassroots Incubator

We have over forty years of experience bridging the gap between civic need and civic engagement, and we believe in the power of people to create change in their own communities. We pride ourselves on our ability to support others who are working for positive impact in the Portland area.

If you have a cause you're ready to act on, join, or simply want to be more involved with shaping your community, we are here to help connect you with the right people and resources. 

In addition, we provide office space, conference rooms, equipment rentals and civic engagement tool kits to grassroots organizations and individuals who are working to improve the Portland area. 


necn's active space

In our office space inside the historic King Elementary building, we host year-round workshops and events and provide low-cost office space, a public conference area and organizational support for groups such as Good in the Hood and the Portland Underground Graduate School. In this way, we share resources and knowledge so we are all more effective.

If you are an individual or community organization looking for a low-cost space to hold meetings or host a workshop, CONTACT US. 


northeast action teams

You want to see change in your community: maybe it's a neighborhood event; maybe it's stopping a polluting industry; maybe you just need a stop sign at the end of your street. But where do you even begin? Making change is hard, and government bureaucracies don't make it any easier. 

Part of our mission is to give you the tools you need to make positive change in your community. NEATS are a civic engagement tool developed by NECN as a direct way for residents to get involved in their communities around issues and initiate change. We work with you to articulate your mission, connect you with resources, develop a strategy and recruit partners. 

CONTACT US for more information.