Land Use
Land Use


NECN's Land Use and Transportation Committee discusses and takes action on land use and transportation issues in North and Northeast Portland, the city and region, and the state. Current focus areas include Portland comprehensive plan, mixed-use zones and context-sensitive neighborhood development.


Questions: For questions or to be placed on an agenda, contact Planning and Operations Manager Laura Becker at laura[at]

N/NE District - City Liaison: For city-specific land use, development and Comprehensive Plan inquiries, contact Nan Stark, nan.stark[at] or 503-823-3986.

Check out our Land Use Agencies resource page.

MEMBERS (appointed July 17, 2018)
Alameda Representative: <vacant>
Boise Representative: <vacant>
Concordia Representative: <vacant>
Eliot Representative: Brad Baker
Humboldt Representative: <vacant>
Irvington Representative: <vacant>
King Representative: Margaret O'Hartigan
Lloyd Representative: Cassidy Bolger
Sabin Representative: Sean Green, Committee Co-Chair
Sullivan's Gulch Representative: DJ Heffernan
Vernon Representative: Leeor Schweitzer
Woodlawn Representative: Anjala Ehelebe

AT LARGE MEMBERS (appointed July 17, 2018)
Joshua Grgas (Concordia resident)
Dennis Kennedy (Woodlawn resident)
Luke Norman, Committee Co-Chair (Sullivan's Gulch resident) 


Orange 150
Orange 150

NEXT MEETING: July 25 6:30-8:00 PM, 4815 NE 7th Ave.

Public meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of each month at NECN.


5/23/18: Agenda, Minutes

4/25/18: Agenda, Minutes

3/28/18: Agenda, Minutes

2/28/18:Agenda, Minutes

1/24/18: Agenda, Minutes

11/29/17: Agenda, Minutes

10/25/17: Agenda(no minutes due to lack of quorum)

9/27/17: Agenda, Minutes

No August Meeting

7/26/17: Agenda, Minutes

6/28/17: Agenda(no minutes due to lack of quorum)

5/24/17: Agenda, Minutes

4/26/17: Agenda, Minutes

3/22/17: Agenda, Minutes

2/22/17:Agenda, Minutes