Clean Start PDX

It's up to all of us to make this city the one we want to live in. 

In partnership with Central City Concern, the Central Eastside Industrial Council, and the Eliot Neighborhood Association, NECN spearheaded Clean Start PDX in 2017, a mobile waste management and clean-up solution to the growing livability concerns surrounding the increase in houseless residents in the inner-eastside core. 

In the first few months of Clean Start's operations, they have recovered thousands of bags of garbage, hundreds of used needles, and all matter of bio-hazardous materials that would otherwise be on the street.

NECN hopes to expand this program throughout the city to provide aid and assistance in Portland's ongoing housing emergency and the livability issues that arise as a result. You can read the story we wrote about the program for our newspaper HERE. 

If you'd like more information about Clean Start PDX, or would like to find out how to bring it to your neighborhood, CONTACT US.